Announcing DXFramework 0.9.5

DXFramework is a simple, illustrative, general purpose 2D computer game engine for Microsoft Visual Studio using Microsoft’s DirectX technology.

Much DirectX 2D functionality is wrapped so that 2D games can be created in a simple manner not requiring knowledge of the ins and outs of the DirectX API.

Although 3D support as it exists in previous versions of DXFramework has not yet been ported to the new engine, 3D games can be created with this engine by using the DirectX API.

Please see the getting started guide on the DXFramework wiki along with the other documentation hosted there if you are interested in using DXFramework for a project:

The package contains:
* Engine library source & project files for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
* Demos and media demonstrating simple use of the engine
* Templates to simplify new DXFramework projects created with Visual Studio

Please see the DXFramework home page for more news and information:

We no longer support MSVC 6 and MSVC .NET 2002.

Design Notes:
* This is a beta release. Most features are working, but some are still on the way or are only partially complete. Many features have been added but are not tested. If you find bugs, please report them by visiting the following link and posting the bugs to the DXFramework product:
* You can view existing bugs and feature requests by searching for the keyword
“dxframework” on the bugzilla.

Please put all questions and concerns on the SourceForge forum:

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