iPad Pro And Apple Pencil Review

iPad Pro And Apple Pencil Review

The iPad Pro from Apple has a large size, excellent specifications and two interesting accessories. But the tablet seems but for little scenarios really suitable. The difference between 9.7 inches (the size of the iPad Air) and 12.9 inches (the iPad Pro) may not sound very big. But appearances are deceiving: the iPad Pro is much larger than the tablets that most people will be used.

The iPad Pro does especially think of a laptop without a keyboard. Although he with a weight of just over 700 grams not particularly heavy, slide you’re the Pro in a bagless easily than the iPad Air or Mini. Apple unveils the new variant, therefore, especially if productivity tablet, supported by an optional stylus and keyboard cover. The Pro moves in the waterway of the Microsoft Surface and other hybrid devices with Windows 10. But a true laptop replacement is not the iPad Pro, and the device will be the price of at least $ 900 ¬†for few people are worth.

iPad Pro Design

The design of the tablet is excellent, as we have come to expect from Apple. The finish of the aluminum housing is neat, and the device feels firm to the touch. The borders around the screen are relatively thin, making the tablet not be unduly biased. The screen itself has a resolution of 2732 at 2048 pixels, making the pixel density approximately equal to the iPad continues to Air. As with the other tablets from Apple falls on the screen quality reproach.

iPad Pro Performance

From the iPad Pro Manual: Under the smooth aluminum on the back of the iPad Pro is the new A9X processor, which is a decent powerhouse. In particular graphic, area displays the tablet the competition far behind. The A9X is even faster than the chips in many laptops, including the 12 inch-Macbook from Apple itself. For the first time has an iPad four speakers: two on top and two at the bottom. This knows to produce a decent volume. The Nice rifle is that the speakers consider the orientation of the tablet, making the lower speakers always ensure the bass. That makes a small but audible difference.

iPad Pro Keyboard

Also new is a magnetic socket at the left side of the tablet. There the keyboard cover of the iPad Pro is plugged. This cover, which is available separately for the rather shocking price of $ 175, has a significantly less attractive design than the iPad Pro itself. Closed, he is not totally flat but puts out a part of the cover which consists of. In the beginning, it is nice too complicated to the cover so to fold that the tablet upright. The keyboard itself is quite small, and it is not possible to the device at a different angle.

The keys themselves are not bad and it is quite possible to be on the Smart Keyboard typing, but compared to, for example, the Type of Cover of the Microsoft Surface Pro series is the Apple keyboard in it.

Apple Pencil

The second accessory Apple for the iPad Pro has created is a stylus with the name Pencil. This scribe ($ 99) is impressive, although the most accurate iPad user there is no need to have. As non-artistic person after half an hour, I was bored with the Pencil drawing, but I was impressed by the accuracy and pressure sensitivity of the pen.

Awkward is that the accessory through the Lightning port on the iPad is charging. While doing this cross the Pencil far tablet, what weird looks. If you are not using the Pencil, there is no way to put it in the tablet or attaching to hang, so you should store it yourself well. The Apple Pencil feels well thought out. However, you can not stand to the iPad (for example magnetic). You now have always a lot “pencil” that you can not easy storage. The loose cover on the back you can also easily get rid of it. Version 2 of the Pencil will forget this small thing fixed.

The name choice for the iPad Pro is right. You have a better screen, support for the Pencil, good camera, and everything works smoothly. With the Apple Pencil are we going to now use more frequently within SD Web design? Especially for wireframes and notes.

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