Apple TV Remote App With Touchpad

Apple TV GuideThe Apple TV Remote app is free to download in the iOS App Store and requires at least iOS 9.3.2. In addition, the Apple TV 4 at least tvOS 9.2.1, the third generation 7.2.1 and the second generation 6.2.1. The new Remote application is only suitable for the iPhone and iPad has no variant.

Apple TV Remote App Install Guide

The application allows you to download and install on your iPhone via the link below. Open the app and tap the button ‘ Add Apple TV to open the list. Choose an Apple TV to add it to the app, you will need to enter a code which tvOS shows. Can you see the Apple TV does not? Make sure that both the iPhone and the Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The Remote app is of course specifically designed for the fourth generation.

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This allows you to use the app as Siri Remote. The dark gray top you can just use it as the touchpad. By left, right, above, or below to wipe you can navigate through the menu and items on the screen. The application also includes media keys and you can use the iPhone keyboard when text should be introduced. Tap the microphone icon to activate to Siri, starting from tvOS 10 you can also use the Siri on the Apple TV. Is there content played back then you can consult additional information in the app by clicking on the ‘ Details ‘ option. The old Remote application is also still downloaded in the iOS App Store and now acts as iTunes Remote. For the time being, you can continue to serve the Apple TV with this old application.

Who frequently play games on the new Apple TV can also use the new Remote app. Start a game and tap at the top of the game controller to the landscape. The buttons and touchpad are now lying are displayed, along with the sensors of the iPhone you can use while playing games.

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