iPhone 7 Photo Filter Tutorial

iPhone 7 Photo Filter Tutorial

If you just bought iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus are sure that one of the first things that you would like to do with is start using your fantastic camera to make pictures and videos, and begin to share them with your friends and family through social networks. We are going to teach, with this practical guide, how to apply filters to the pictures you make with your iPhone, these filters will bring a new look to your images by changing completely the picture you’ve taken, and the photos app for iOS is an excellent tool for the Organization and cataloguing of photos, even, there are several tools included in it that save us the need to import the photos to a computer for subsequent Edition Edition.

Tutorial How To Use Photo Filter on iPhone 7

The first thing to do is to open the photos app, here they will show us the albums and the camera roll, both photographs and videos that caught or taken screen shots. By touching on these individual photos will allow you to further adjustments in full-screen mode.

By touching the photo, it will show the options available, a heart icon to share in the lower left corner, added it to our favorite, the slider is the option to edit and the trash icon, as you have imagined, eliminates photography. To edit just push the slider, that with three horizontal lines with the dials on them struck once shows us the different things we can do with the edition of the photo, which includes also the choice of filters. You will recognize the filter icon through the three shaded circles diagram.

Playing through the different filter options will allow you to see a preview of the filters applied to the live photo. If you save the photo, it will be saved with the filter applied, but you can always return back by repeating steps and none selecting available filters.

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How To Use Filters To Take Photos On The iPhone

It is also possible to use filters when you want to take a picture when using the camera, you will see the same three circles in the upper right corner filter icon and pressing again will open the filter options, you can choose a filter and capture photos with the filter applied directly from here.

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