Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S8 is now being a hot topic among Galaxy fans. The device which we are expecting to arrive in February or March this year, is really taking so much attention. One thing for sure about Samsung Galaxy S8 is that the company has already confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S8 the certain date is not mentioned yet. Well, it becomes more interesting for all fans who are waiting for the device. Many questions about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 is bringing out many speculations and predictions. If you are interested to know about the people’s idea of the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, read on this post to get the closest answer.

It is more likely the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be in February or March 2017. It is the closest prediction that we can show you how we conclude this month from a short story about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S series. We can look back on the release date of the predecessors of Samsung Galaxy S8. Below we have listed the recent history where we can look back at previous Galaxy phone launches:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 release date: March 11, 2016
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 release date: April 20, 2015
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 release date: April 11, 2014
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 release date: April 27, 2013
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 release date: May 29, 2012
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 release date: May 2, 2011
  • Samsung Galaxy S release date: June 4, 2010

If we look back on the recent history, we can make the closest prediction about the possibility of Samsung Galaxy S8 release date. We can see that while April seems like the most popular month of launch, we’re more convinced of a February debut. We don’t take March as the possible month for the Samsung to release Samsung Galaxy S8 because of a penchant for revealing the Galaxy S-flagship shown by the company at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress tradeshow. This year, we know that MWC is set to run between February 27 and March 2. If we look on those dates, we reckon the handset will actually debut one day before, that is on February 26. But Samsung may take another date to launch the new handset.

If we look at the conclusion of some analyst, it seemed that they are suggesting Samsung to rush out the device after the Note 7 debacle. While the others believing that the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 is possibly delayed in a bid to make sure the handset is right. It is not surprising because Samsung has just got unpleasant result when launching Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that ended up with a recall. The other statement made by the Wall Street Journal related with Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, Samsung may miss its Mobile World Congress launch window entirely. Here is the statement: “At risk is the expected February launch of [Samsung’s] next flagship smartphone, likely to be called the Galaxy S8.”

The report also mentioned: “Samsung executives have delayed the development of the Galaxy S8 device by two weeks as engineers work together to the bottom of the Note 7’s overheating problem, according to a member of the Galaxy S8 development team.”

Another report that is a November 2016 report by the Investor mentioned that Samsung is still settling on a launch date, but wants supplier to be coughing up parts within the first four weeks of 2017. “Key supplies are required to provide an initial batch of their parts for the Galaxy S8 from January,” said one industry source which then continue with the next statement mentioning that “Full volume supplies will start in February.”

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