Nintendo Switch, Games Console Review 2017

This, in summary, the short story sad, the user who thought to share it with the world. Like so many others had ordered the Switch, the new console Nintendo Nintendo and hybrid for a mistake the shopkeeper, received two weeks before launch. A pleasant surprise, you say, but not enough. “I can’t do navigate in menus,” admits the gamer.

The long wait is over. Nintendo home console Switch, the promising hybrid, is finally available in stores for a suggested retail price of 329,99€ virtual and physical Italians. Indeed, to be honest, the model with the Joy with gray, maybe less requested than more colorful, Amazon has already lowered price: 322,50€. A drop of 7 euros is tiny, but they are still 7 euros!

Back to us, the models available as mentioned are those with Joy with gray or colored. It does not change more between releases. Here you can buy the model with the Joy-With colored. You can combine the purchase of the console even the Pro Controller at about $100, or a couple of Joy-With about 80 €. But we come to the point.

For starters, there is what we might already define GOTY — The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The list goes on with 1-2-Switch, which is the series of mini-games made by Nintendo and other quality titles that we list below.

Then we leave you with a gorgeous sequence of clips, including our quick preview of Nintendo Switch, our gaming session with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and finally the trailer of Super Bomberman R e I AM SETSUNA. How many of you buy or have already purchased Nintendo Switch?

Today, Nintendo announced that Nintendo switches, it’s new hybrid console because housewife and laptop together, will be launched worldwide, including Italy, Friday, March 3. The package will include the console, joystick controllers. With left and right, a Joy-With (to which you connect the two Joy-With to form a controller), a set of lacing for Joy-With, the basis for Nintendo Switch (which houses the console and connects to the tv), an HDMI cable and a power pack. There will be two versions of the console: one with Joy with gray and one with a red neon blue neon and Joy-With one.

Nintendo Switch will feature a 6.2 inch, capacitive multi-touch support in compatible games. The battery can supply more than 6 hours of battery life, but the duration varies depending on the software and the terms of use. For example, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the battery provides about three hours of play. When you are at home, you can load Nintendo Switch by connecting the AC adapter to the USB Connector Type-C in the console. Have a look at pictures in the gallery because they transmit money instantly the modus operandi of the Switch.

You can use the two Joy-With no matter, impugn anyone one in each hand, or use them together as if they were a single controller with Joy-With. You can also connect to the console for use in portable mode, and be giving one to a friend you can play two in supported games list. Every Joy-With has a full set of buttons so that it can be treated as an independent controller. Also, the Joy with includes an accelerometer and a motion sensor, allowing controllers to perform independent movements.

Nintendo Switch also includes several features that make it more interactive. The Joy with sinister has a button to catch that players can press to capture images of games to share with friends on social networks. The Joy-With right includes an Ami IBO that allows you to interact with the NFC, plus an IR camera of movement can detect the distance, the shape, and movements of nearby objects in specially created games. This enables the controller, for example, to measure how close a player hand, and even to distinguish rock, paper, and scissors. Both Joy-with includes a rumble feature advanced HD, which can perform vibration much more realistic than in the past in compatible games. The effect is so detailed that a player could, for example, feel the vibration of the individual ice cubes that collide in a glass when you shake a Joy-With. Nintendo States that the rumble only HD provides realism unattainable otherwise sound and graphics. We will have to try it firsthand to assess whether these promises will translate into reality.

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