“Face ID” facts that are not revealed by Apple

iPhone X face id

The appearance of the facial-recognition technology on iPhone X reaped a lot of positive and negative comments. In addition to the demonstration of the moment is tinged almost failed at launch, Apple turned out to keep a secret about the replacement  Touch technology them.

ID Face technology on iPhone X turns designed to can only recognize one face only. Automatic, iPhone user X can not give access to others, even if it’s on the people closest to you.

In contrast to feature Touch ID that allows users to store up to five prints. The reason Apple only recognize a single face is indeed reasonable. Remember to fingerprints. The user may only want to use the different hands when operating your mobile phone. Another case of technology face.

To quote Techcrunch, feature Face ID ascertained only able to recognize a single face of the owner only. Safety factor into consideration major Apple Then, what about the users who use glasses or have a beard and using other accessories?

About it, SVP of Apple software engineer, Craig Federighi attempted to answer the question that was Keith Krimbel.

Federighi asserts Face ID will continue to work and to recognize the face of phone owners despite using a variety of accessories.

The iPhone X, reportedly due to the iPhone X has an infra-red sensor is supplied. In fact, notwithstanding the use of sunglasses, Face proper ID will still work.

Concerns about the safety of the other, i.e., Krimbel when your mobile phone is stolen. Federighi ensures the thief will not be able to outsmart the faces of owners of mobile phones to access data and information in it.

He made sure during the thief did not direct the front camera for the unlocked cell phone. Users no need to worry, because mobile phones will not be accessible even though the use of photographs of the owner.

“If users don’t stare at the screen, then the phone will not be available. But more than that, there is a way to disable this feature by pressing the button on the two sides of the phone and will temporarily disable the Face ID, “said Federighi as preached in Business Insider.

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