How To Connect a Mac To Apple TV

How To Connect a Mac To Apple TV

Apple makes a range of products, including Macintosh computers and Apple TV. By the Apple TV installation Guide, ‘With Apple TV, you can rent high-definition movies or teleshopping programs, music, and music videos on the iTunes Store, as well as watch podcasts and YouTube videos.’ To do this, you have to connect your Mac computer to the Apple TV and also a process that has a couple of minutes to respond.


  1. Take out the Apple TV apparatus from the package, to find the HDMI port cable that came with it. Connect the cable to your Apple TV and your TV.
  2. Connect the white, red sound cables into the Apple TV and TV. The installation of these cables is based on the sound capabilities of your TV. Plug the power cord into the Apple TV, and plug it into a power source.
  3. Turn in your TV and then go to the setup screen for your Apple TV. This will depend on the input channel setting on your TV.
  4. Select a network to attach to this instruction that is displayed with your Apple remote. Input the password to access the system. Once the Apple TV is on the system and configured, you will see a primary screen with ‘movies,’ ‘The Internet’, ‘computers’ and ‘ Settings ‘ tabs
  5. Access your MAC computer, and commence iTunes. Click on ‘Advanced’ and choose ‘Enable home sharing.’ Input your Apple ID and password at the fields, and then click the ‘Create a home share’ button again. Click the ‘Done’ button.
  6. Go back to your TV, and then switch to the ‘Computer’ tab. Choose ‘Home Sharing,’ enter the password with a controller, and then click ‘Done.’ Apple TV is on the MAC through iTunes.

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