Apple is Also Working On AR Glasses Without Wires 

The theme of the virtual worlds is not for Apple. Instead, the Cupertino company wants to focus more on the issue of augmented reality. With the iPhone X, Animojis and the TrueDepth camera, Apple has taken the first commercial steps regarding AR. Now we get information about the development of independent AR helmets in the new offices of Apple Park.

Augmented reality is not something new, do not forget that Google with its Google Glass presented a kind of aumentadad reality helmet. The problem was that they did not captivate the public, because there were a limited number of them and, of course, at their high price of almost $1,500. But now the acceptance seems to be rising slowly, without a doubt with the help of products like Lenovo’s Star Wars Jedi Challenge or applications like Snapchat.

Apple is Also Working On AR Glasses Without Wires 

According to a source from Bloomberg’s news channel, Apple is working on AR helmets that work independently. It is not necessary to insert the smartphone, so the essential technology, like the processor, the screen, the memory and the battery, would be fully integrated into the frontal mount. The advantages are obvious: the possible AR helmets of Apple can be easily placed without having to manipulate a phone and, thus, use them immediately. Also, this integrated technology could become more compact and lighter.

The Apple AR team would not only work at the top with a new processor but would also develop an operating system for it. Certainly, one of the components of the ARKit software will be that it is now integrated into IOS 11 and can be used with the iPhone X already in many applications. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to use its operating system called ROS for these AR helmets. The abbreviation means Reality operating System and would use IOS as a base.

Currently, the AR team at Apple already includes more than one hundred developers and is run by Mike Rockwell, the former head of development at Dolby Labs. On the other hand, the team is not only focusing on the front mount but is sharing a variety of projects, which are probably combined under the key name “T288”.

Bloomberg’s source claims that Apple’s AR helmets are now expected to be ready for production in 2019 and that the launch of the market will be 2020. However, this roadmap can be flexible, changing the date by a previous one.