About DXFramework

DXFramework is a simple, illustrative, general purpose 2D (and 3D) computer game engine for Microsoft Visual Studio using Microsoft’s DirectX technology, version 9.0c.

DXFramework has been successfully used in a computer game design course at the University of Michigan for four years now (fall semesters of 2002-2005). Additionally, a project built on top of the DXFramework package called dx-mars was used in the fall 2004 semester in a data structures and algorithms course at the University of Michigan to teach the basics of stacks, queues, and path-finding. For more information on dx-mars, please visit the project’s home page.

If you are using DXFramework in education, we would like to hear from you! Please email education@dxframework.org and tell us all about it.

Please read the contributors page for more information on what made DXFramework possible.

If you would like to contribute to the DXFramework project, post on the SourceForge.Net forums, or contact Jonathan Voigt.